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This is a program meant to view and convert World of Warcraft BLP image files.
These files can be acquired, for example, with Blizzard's CUI tool.

Please keep in mind that this program does not extract the BLPs from the MPQ files.
For this, you may need other software such as MPQ2K, or MPQFS.

This program does not save BLPs either, because WoW can read TGAs.

If you need to open a Warcraft III BLP file, try this.

Note: I have not gotten a chance to try this on BLPs from the expansions.


Under development in 1.4:
  • Fix a crash in the French version that occurs when exporting a BLP - Done.
  • Integrated bug reporter - Untested.
  • "Check for new version" feature - Untested.
--> New features/bug fixes in 1.3:
  • Add "Convert Mode" - Done.
  • Fix Attributes bug (2102) - Not in development (yet?)
  • -->
  • Add automatic window scaling - Done.
  • Automatic file naming. - Done.
New features/bug fixes in 1.2.2:
  • Fixed a bug with the Japanese localization.
  • Fixed a problem with drop-down menus in the Japanese and French versions.
New features/bug fixes in 1.2.1:
  • Added Japanese localisation.
  • Fixed the French localization.
New features/bug fixes in 1.2:
  • Applied some localisation fixes.
  • You can now save BLPs to other formats.
  • Images bigger than 256x256 can now be loaded.
  • The French localisation is finished.
  • -->

Known Bugs:
  • Images with certain attributes do not load.

Screenshots: How to use Convert Mode:

There is now a "Convert Mode" menu item. When you click it, a checkmark will appear or disappear. If the checkmark is there, it means Convert Mode is enabled. When Convert Mode is enabled, then all images that you open will automatically be saved as .bmp files. This serves the purpose of a batch-convert. By default, the images will be saved in /Users/Your_User_Name/Converted/. If this folder already exists, then it will not be replaced.

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